chats with cats

AI animal portraits based on loving conversations with animals. Permission granted by animals and their guardians. Assisted by Chat GPT-4.

A little cat with big dreams, Jack Frost traveled the world to find a family who would love him and his adventurous spirit. #arabianmau #whitecat

Barney’s sweating it out in his batcave. He’s the superhero of his beloved guardian’s life, but it might just be a little bit too hot in here. #blackcat

Gracie is a New York City cat with big Broadway dreams. Love me, admire me, roll out the red carpet. #tabby

A woodland spirit, Trixie is life-force-fluid, part tree, presently embodied as a cat and practicing her magic. #tortie

A harem girl from the corners of Arabia, the snow-white Pearl wants to be loved and to love and to be adorned in pink and sparkles. #turkishangora #arabianmau #whitecat

Brave, brave Purrl is overcoming adversity to inhabit her own fur. Small, but mighty she’s learning the power of standing up for herself. #calico #arabianmau

Dolly identifies as human, a liberated girl who does as she pleases and has a fondness for the roaring 20s. #Angora #whitecat

Walter the squirrel sees time a little differently than we mere humans. People are the stones who feed us gold. #squirrel

Flo appreciates art, flowers, and vibrant colors. Nevermind that she doesn’t join in the play. She’s always watching and appreciating the aesthetics. #blackcat #artcat

Grace is the lady of the house. Adopted as a elder cat, she is a beloved grandmother dutchess, retired from royalty, with an affinity for all things cozy. #russianblue

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